opens this window to show and spread the creative talent of the photographers

Gateway to authors. The collaboration of photographers is essential for 1:1 Photo Magazine.

The magazine accepts collaborations to be published in the Gallery.

Collaborations are to be organized in a proposal, which is an homogeneous set of images accompanied by a text.

Priority will be given to proposals that are the result of a formal, conceptual, esthetical or expressive search.

The editorial board will decide about its publication according to the editorial line of the magazine,the quality of the proposal and its contribution to the research of photographic expressions and intuitions.

The submitted proposals will be evaluated and the authors will be informed about the opinion of the board.

Within this framework of collaboration, we invite you to submit a proposal for evaluation following the guidelines below:

  1. Submitt your proposal to 1:1 Photo Magazine to magazine@1a1foto.net
  2. A coherent set of images (between 5 and 15) in JPG and width 930 max. x high 690 max. pixels
  3. A text that can be descriptive, theoric, poetic or whatever. The text is in order to stimulate the perception of the images and or provoke a discussion about them.
  4. Remember to send your text in editable format (Word o similar).