Alberto Conde

  • I have been taking photos for the last 40 years. I have, always, been lured by portraits, people, landscapes, skies, and old buildings. I have just a deep passion and a keen interest for photography and for capturing light. And wide open eyes and mind.

    I have shot mainly slides (I started with Ektachrome 64 and switched later to Fuji Velvia 50) with Nikon and Leicaflex SLR's. In recent years, while making the transition to digital i haven´t left behind classical film cameras. I have started shooting B&W with a Contax rangefinder while getting myself, at long last! a  second hand vintage medium format Mamiya 645 1000 S still going very strong . The portraits,landscapes and castles are shot, mainly,  with a Nikon D-200 digital SLR. I use, as well, a small Leica Mini II, a fascinating small, point-and-shoot film camera with which I have shot interesting B&W street and landscapes photos.

    My photos have been exhibited in several Spanish cities (Madrid, Ciudad Real and Murcia). I have published a book on the Castles of Murcia. I regularly publish travel articles on castles and windmills of Spain for the japanese quarterly magazine "News from Spain" and other Spanish publications as the National railroad travel magazine PAISAJES.