Ainhoa Tejerina

  • I was born in Pamplona-Iruña in 1975 and grew up in Txantrea, a hard-working, popular and demanding neighborhood that, I believe, has been key in my way of seeing and feeling life.

    Photography has had a very important place in the home in which I have grown up, both my father and my mother enjoyed it and all that feeling has been transmitted to my two brothers and me. I have always felt photography as a form of attachment to my father and when I was young I wanted to do like him and I bought my first camera with the first salary I received.

    Since then, I have had moments where I have more or less photographed until the need arose to document my other two loves: my three children and bodypaint.

    From that moment photography catches me again and I am evolving on a photographic and personal level. I begin to discover authors who infect me with their passion for this art and I delve into documentary photography, where I try to capture and transmit the way in which I perceive and feel the scene in front of me.