Carlos Bouza


  • Born in Karlsruhe, much of my childhood was spent traveling between Spain and Germany, which in all likelihood influenced me to be the tireless traveler I am. Although most of my work is related to photojournalism and documentary and industrial photography, I have been able to alternate it with various personal projects and develop my creativity with several artistic series and author photographs. Due to my professional career, I approach photography with different techniques in order to achieve different objectives. Thus, my photographs closest to photojournalism such as urban and even many landscapes, are usually direct photographs that communicate an idea or a message through the elements shown in the image. The support of these photographs is usually museum quality paper. In the creative photographs closest to the abstract art that I am working today, I want to discover images differently; make visible what isually goes unnoticed by our eyes. I try to capture the attention and interest of the viewer to arouse their curiosity and reinterpret the reality they know. It is a conversation in which everyone discovers something different and brings to their reality what is hidden in the subconscious. The support I use for this type of work is aluminum or canvas. "