Felice Beato

  • Felice Beato (Corfu, 1833 or 1834 - Florence, January 29, 1909), also known as Felix Beato, was a British photographer of Italian origin. He was one of the first photographers to capture images in the Far East and one of the first photographers of war. It is also famous for its genre scenes, portraits, photographs of sights and panoramas of the architecture and landscapes of Asia and the Mediterranean region.

    His travels to many lands gave him the opportunity to create powerful and lasting images of various countries, people and events that were unfamiliar to most people in Europe and North America. His works provide crucial images about the 1857 Indian Rebellion and the Second Opium War, his photographs depicting the first substantial work of what would become photo journalism. His work had a significant impact on photography at the time, and his influence in Japan, where he worked with numerous photographers and artists simultaneously as a teacher due to his experience, was particularly profound and lasting.