Jesús Botaro

  • Jesús Botaro was born on 5th, April, 1966.

    He lived in Cádiz, currently he’s based in Seville (Spain) though.

    His first contact with the photograhic world was in 1984. With a self-taught training and vocation as photographer, he started as a fashion photographer at that time.

    At this moment, after a long career, he has focused on his passion for travel photography, developing documentary projects.

    He was comissioned for the Institutional Book of the Council of Chefchaouen, Morocco. Since then, he has taken part in more than 20 exhibitions in different countries, such as, France, Spain or Morocco.

    Nowadays his main exhibitions consist of two of his works: “ The glance of Camboyda” and “Eyes of Chaouen”, however, he is also projecting “Looking at the soul” and “One hundred per cent Armenian”.

    Simultaneously, he works giving photography workshops in Morocco. He has taken part in the first Photography Festival Chefchaouen – 2013, where he was granted the title of “Citizen of Honour”.