Josep Echaburu

  • The images of Josep Echaburu break away from the stereotypes we are accustomed to and that, in most occasions, we have made part of our lives and convictions. Those stereotypes show us a reality where the most extreme cruelty does not manage to move us. We live invaded by terrible images of war, hunger and desperation, and our faces do not flinch in front of them, not even a miserable grimace transmits what our souls should be feeling. Life offers us other faces, which from objectivity and daily life can surprise and move us. This is the great challenge of Josep Echaburu's photography. In all his projects he gives us a little bit of the everyday life we all have in us, and where our neighbor from 3B is the leading actress. Josep Echaburu lives in Barcelona. He has shown his work in different cities of Spain like Zaragoza, Alicante and Gij_n, as well as in his birthplace, Barcelona, where it is worth to highlight the exhibits in the galleries of "Can Bast", "Pati Llimona", "Convent de Sant Agust" and "Casa Golferichs-Centre Catal Roca". Besides his personal projects, he works as a photographer for TVE Catalunya.