Kurt Petautschnig

  • He was born in Santiago de Chile in May, 22nd, 1982. It was during his studies of Design where he started to work with photography, first as a tool, then as a means of expression. He eventually studies Photography at the University of Arts and Social Science (ARCIS).

    "Kurt Petautschinig's photography refers to experiences and transformations of man within the contemporary society; waste, landscape changings, memory and human flows. He combines those different situations with the journeys and the photographic strain. He shows series of images that stand for the possibility of treating subjects in the abscence of the characters, or maybe, in a more rethorical way. He uses the synecdoche as a deconstructive tool of that decisive moment, guiding the immediacy and classical photographic skill into a reflexive moment." Nathalie Goffard

    His work has been exhibited both individually and collectively, not only in Chile but also in other countries, such as Sala CMDF (Uruguay), Festival International de Fotografía de Porto Alegre FESTFOTOPOA (Brasil), La Nuit de L'Image, Musée de l'Elysèe Lausanne (Suiza), Museo de Arte Contemporaneo MAX, IX Bienal de Fotografía Olot (España), Centro Cultural Matucana100, Estación Mapocho, Galería AFA, Festival Internacional de Fotografía de Valparaíso FIFV, Goethe Institut, La Cova de les Cultures, Sala Marta Colvin and Biblioteca de Santiago.