Louise Lorthe

  • Louise Lorthe is a 25-year old French freelance photographer.

    She uses film photography to create images, to express her desires, what she finds appealing and moving ... through photo reports, portraits, log books and working with models. She is interested in humans, in their way of being as well as in their environment.

    It was in 2008 that she obtained the training in the mobile photographic school “Atelier Nomade” which led her to travel 3 times to Western Africa, resulting in 8 months of photographic and human adventure. There she learned photo development as well as black and white printing alongside Claude Simon, former printer at the “Laboratoire Picto Paris”.

    The urge to be on the road and the desire for discovery have led her to India.

    She has been a photographer assistant for photography schools. She collaborates with photographers and illustrators, and she exhibits her photographs.

    She lives and works in Grenoble.