Michaël Massart

  • Belgian amateur photographer (Habay-la-Neuve), I really became interested in photography in 2008.

    After a knee injury, I was forced to stop doing some sport … and therefore looked for a new passion. Photography was pretty natural, without thinking about it actually. I read and tried a lot of things.

    I mainly focused on 2 chosen fields: landscapes (especially with long exposures) and portraits.

    What I like most in photography is to be able to capture the essence of an emotion, to surprise.

    With portraits, I particularly appreciate the many possibilities to build and stage the image in a unique way.

    I very much like to prepare and reflect on staging in order to obtain the desired effect instead of creating it through a photo software. So in most cases, my photos are taken without any “photoshop” special effects… (in any case for the overall effect of the photo).