María Tudela


  • Nurse by profession, I discovered photography by chance a decade ago and since then I´ve dedicated part of my free time to make photos. Some years ago I decided to show my images in social media, which opened up a series of opportunities to publicize my work. After all, we make photographs to show them, beyond the pleasure it gives us making them outside in the world, or in ulterior editions, something happens when we show them, they take on a life of their own. I consider photography as a tool to tell and not only to describe, and that is what I do. I do not follow norms or rules, and I confess I am more interested in suggesting and provoking than in photographic technique. I manipulate the image to offer a photo from a certain time but timeless, evocative and melancholic. Although I believe in the end it is not the image that evokes, but our own memories, the photograph is only a tool in that precise instant. Although it seems I make photographs, they really make me.