Ramón Siscart


  • Has had numerous exhibitions, both individual and collective, from 1984, in France, Argentina, Portugal and Spain, the latter ones being ”Deshabitar”at the Real Sociedad Fotográfica de Madrid, Pamplona, Vigo (Galería Sargadelos), La Coruña (L'Atelier) and Proyecto Identidades colectiva by the group “Diez Miradas” at the Museo de Almería and currently the Palacio Quintanar of Segovia, Madrid, Alcobendas Gallery Est-Art "Serie Blanco". April 2021. Curatorship in different exhibitions. He has published four books, "Entropías" 2005, "Poligonal" 2011, “Microclimas” 2019. Días de Cuarentena. June 2020 April 2021 second edition. My work is centered on photo reportage, portraiture and personal search.