Vicente L. Tofiño


  • Vicente López TOFIÑO (Cuenca, 1949) is one of the most recognized Spanish photographers of his generation. He is also one of the most respected and loved professionals by his colleagues. Tofiño treasures three essential virtues to carry out his work: the penetration of his gaze, intuition and heart. Throughout his professional career, Tofiño has cultivated all genres of the trade, from studio portrait to industrial photography, although he has achieved greater recognition in the field of reporting, in which his own humility has preserved from superfluous artistic and conceptual claims. He has published his photos in some of the most important Spanish graphic publications, such as Triunfo, Gaceta Ilustrada, Interviu, El País and in most specialized magazines. Likewise, he has been a professor of photography for 20 years and has carried out dozens of courses and workshops in Photography Schools and Photographic Groups throughout Spain; He has been the curator of numerous exhibitions and has exhibited his work in various Spanish, European and Latin American galleries and rooms. Awarded numerous times, he is the author of publications such as Ethiopia Inside (2008), and has participated in important collective projects, such as A century in the life of Spain (2000), Family Portraits (2005), Mediterranean (2013) and The soul de Cervantes (2016).


    Publio López Mondejar