The Rusia that you will never see in postcards

   Photos and texts: © Alexander Petrosyan

  • San Petersburg is perhaps one of the most beautiful and attractive city in the world. There are many palazzos, canals, bridges or churches to photograph and achieve a magnificent work. But a photograph does not remain in the prettiness or the spectacular streets, but tries to find the grotesque and dark side of the city, which is invisible for the tourists.


  • Alexander Petrosyan said that the most difficult thing is not to repeat himself therefore he tries to get away from his own traditions in order to update his thinking now and then searching in this way to change constantly.

    The award winning Alexander Petrosyan has spend decades discovering the dynamics of his home town: the everyday comedy and drama in a city builded over contradictions.

    He does not believe that the images can change the world but believe that they van help to understand it a bit better. He received his first camera as a present for his 12 birthday. Since then he retired and went back to photography several times, until he became a professional the year 2000.

    His constant inspiration are San Petersburg's streets, where he has lived all his life. The historical center of the street occupies only a few dozens of square meters, Alexander knows every corner by heart. “Any photograph that you take while traveling “ says “is better to keep it privately, the tourist's eye only can odder a fleeting view from the outside. This is my world” says from San Petersburg.