Douglas Ethridge

  • The photographer and producer Douglas Ethridge is based in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. His still photography has been exhibited and published in the U.S., Europe and China. He teaches occasionally and travels whenever possible to see what there is to see.

    "For all of my working life I have been a story-teller, using various combinations of words, pictures, moving images and music. Most recently, I have concentrated mostly on still photography and gone back to working in the traditional darkroom. For me, the decisive moment approach to photography has always been my favored method."

    "Curiously, my imagery of late has circled back to my beginnings as a photographer. Square, monochrome, images of people. This combination calls out to me again after many adventures in many other directions."

    "I like to work with a minimum of simple tools and create images which have no particular agenda of their own but rather just invite the viewer to create their own narratives."