Eduardo Ruigómez

  • "I call STOOPS to my viewpoint of the world: a mixture of different languages which have been forced to result in some extreme expresionism that breaks the rules and overwhelmes emotions. I use color, movement and passion. I use photography, words and drawing. My stoops intend to be a reflection of the diverge of the drift, but also of the hope. Every image created is part of a transcendental halo whithin which the observant can create their own interpretation."

    Exhibitions and contests:
    ] STOOPS [ en Ojoloco (Madrid, 2009), The adrift of dreams en Labuenavista (Madrid, 2010), About the Books in the bookstore La Fugitiva (Madrid, 2010), The Knots of Time en Pool (Madrid, 2011), I look at the world since the branches y Your rag hair en Exit Art Gallery (Madrid, 2013).
    It was yesterday an

    ] STOOPS [ , published by Los Libros del Cormorán (2013), presented in Ivorypress, on sale in specialized bookshops (consult here).