Manuel Bergasa


  • Miguel Bergasa became interested in photography in the early 1970s. He honed his developing and printing skills at the Navarra Photographic Association and, after settling in Madrid, kept brief contact with the Royal Photographic Society and joined the photographic community of the city.

    His photographic interests pivot between two fundamental themes. On the one hand, the need to capture and document moments of everyday Spain that have already faded and, on the other, his passion for Latin American culture. Since 1983, he has made thirty photographic expeditions to Latin America in which he has not only set out to understand in depth the diverse cultures of each country, but also insists on carefully investigating a certain subject.

    Some of his series feed off his interest in certain aspects of culture in Spain, building visual bridges with Latin America. An example of this is the series Rites and other traditions, in which he captured images of Easter processions and Navarrese pilgrimages exporting the idea to Latin America and showing similarities with homologous ceremonies of colonial origin. Another of his outstanding series is the so-called After Time, in which he documents professions that are almost extinct in Spain, adapting the idea to Latin American reality and putting it into practice during his travels.

    Bergasa approaches his photographic series with patience and perseverance, something evident in one of his best-known series, Mennonites, made in Paraguay. For its realization, Bergasa established a close link with this community thanks to which he managed to capture his most intimate moments, obtaining snapshots of his religious or funeral ceremonies.

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