Xavier Cortial

  • My photographs reflect my thought patterns, my vision of the world: an abstract transformation of reality, a macabre interpretation, a new border between living and the artificial.

    It has become essential for me to explore ideas that refer to concepts of time, space and duration.
    This is preferably the first and last hours of the day that make my images, when now flows in a strange slow, inexorable movement that makes me feel the fascinating relationship between time and space, the drama of our impermanence, our fall inevitable capture a finite time the man in the infinite.

    How the visual, the "matter" of experience, it may in turn shape the way?
    This photo essay is my emotional response to this state.


    Xavier Cortial (b.1961) Fine Art photographer

    After studying drawing at the School of Fine Arts in Aix en Provence and photography at the London College of printing, I got the diploma of Fine Arts in Orleans.
    Based in Paris, I created my own studio and I worked for the press, publishing and magazines.
    It was then offered to take charge of communication for the subsidiary of a large industrial goup.
    I then created a small business communications, I live and work in France, Hautes-Alpes.

    Back to photography in 2013.

    Exposition collective Festival díAvignon off - Cloitre Saint Louis.
    Collective Exhibition Festival díAvignon off - Cloitre Saint Louis.

    FIAC Grand Palais, Paris
    FIAC exhibition Grand Palais, Paris

    1987 - 1988 - 1999
    Many personal & group exhibitions - La Halle aux Grains, VendÙme, gallery Point Virgule, Orleans ...

    I have never sought to expose my work until today.