Night on Earth


   © Photos and text: Alfredo Oliva Delgado

My name is Alfredo Oliva and I am psychologist and I currently work as professor of Developmental Psychology at the University of Sevilla, but photography is a hobby that I live with great passion and intensity.

Night on Earth is a the title of the film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch: a collection of five vignettes, taking place during the same night, in different cities of the world. This photographic work is a tribute to this film. All these photos have been taken at night in different cities of the world, and represent situations that convey a certain feeling of melancholy and loneliness. In them, different individuals develop their daily activities in the city when night falls.

Although many photographers prefer daylight for their photographic works, I find the night very inspiring because at night the colors have a special mood, and stand out against a black and dark background. In the night, light and darkness fight with unequal forces, since in the end the darkness ends up winning the battle, and the individuals are left alone with their hopes and dreams. In a way we could say that the night democratizes the citizens all over the world and surrounds them in the same darkness, regardless of their cultural or socioeconomic background.