Mónica Murillo


  • I am Canarian and although I have lived most of my life in Madrid, I can say my heart is split in two. My life has always been linked to photography thanks to my father. During the largest part of my childhood I was surrounded by film negatives, slides and dark rooms and although this passion did not arise at a young age, it emerged around 2017, and made photography into my means of expression and part of my daily life. I consider photography to be a way to show life and our own inner world. It is emotion, it is like a window to a parallel world in which we choose the moments that will stay forever. The discipline I practice the most is street photography, however, thanks to the shared project “Miradas adentro” motivated by lockdown I began to develop my own personal view in a more intimate way, something I am very thankful for, as I discovered I could express my feelings in a much more personal manner. The images I took for this project also helped me to observe my own conscience, my moods and to think about them. I could say it was a highly introspective project.